deeproot Pinball takes pride in directly serving the needs of our customers. Our main preference is serving the customer before, during, and after sale. In some circumstances, US distributors in the pinball industry may have existing customers they would like to assist in the sales process. We appreciate and want to support those external relationships, without detracting from our direct customer relationships.

FOR RAZA (Prior to January 1, 2021)

US or International Distributors who have an approved distribution agreement may earn a commission for referring a customer to deeproot Pinball. They may also be eligible to buy and then resell RAZA to a third party at market price with a one-time transfer of warranty and support rights. For more information, contact us below.


After January 1, 2021, we want to focus on limited distribution for distributors that commit to selling or buying a minimum number of deeproot machines a year. Distribution rights of our products require the following four criteria to qualify:

  • A registered legal entity, full-time staff, and a defined geographical territory
  • Prior pinball sales experience
  • History of marketing, along with a marketing budget
  • A minimum commitment of sales per contract year

Terms of the distribution, including compensation, will be negotiated every contract year based on your business, geographic territory, exchange rates, and complexity of sales.