Robert, Jon, Barry, & John love designing games at deeproot. We all pour our passion into bringing new worlds under glass to life. However, there are so many others with the same passion in the pinball industry. We want to support efforts by pinball enthusiasts to create custom or low-run designs.

There are two ways we can help and support your homebrew project. 1) We can provide the platform and tools to build your game. Simply contact us for a menu of hardware and software we provide for rapid development. 2) We can also provide an opportunity for you profit off your hard work with a limited run. We call this program ‘The Reserve’. Here’s how it works…


If you have completed a whitewood of your homebrew game and a minimum of twenty-five buyers willing to commit to purchasing, you can apply for The Reserve program.


Submit a pitch deck to us which must feature (at a minimum): images, videos, narratives, proposed rulesets, sound and graphics highlighting the homebrew concept and game design and be in substantially complete form. We will work with you to assess development difficulty and cost.


If we approve the homebrew project, we will announce the run of The Reserve homebrew game, including: the purchase price, time to delivery, and how many units are available. Purchasers will commit with a 5% refundable deposit. In order to be successful, deposits must total at least 60% of The Reserve run. If the run maxes out, then the run may be increased. If the run fails to meet the threshold, then all deposits will be refunded and the project will be shelved.


As the homebrew designer, you will receive royalties in the form of a percentage of the sales price of each The Reserve homebrew game sold between 10% and 20% of the sales price of the game.

Got a great homebrew project and want to try out The Reserve? We want to hear from you. Simply CONTACT us today!