deeproot Pinball has been a passion of commitment and love for many employees and contractors that have worked (and are working) on bringing the best pinball experience to you. They love pinball. And they work diligently every trying to magnify their talent and skill to do amazing things above and under the ‘Glass’. Here is a collection of comments from our master craftsmen and women about memorable thoughts or moment at deeproot Pinball.
I am proud to be given the opportunity to help create great games again. I am proud of the great team we have assembled. We will do great things together.

- Barry Oursler

In 2018, deeproot rescued me and brought me in like family. I had no idea at the time pinball was still a thing, and I couldn’t foresee how much fun I would have working on it every day!

- Collette Curran

What am I most proud of being involved in doing with deeproot Pinball? Having the ability to help develop a company from the ground up; creating a culture of positivity that helps inspire breathtaking creativity, that promotes some amazing collaboration that in the end produces a new product the pinball world will literally 'flip-out' over!!! I get to work with some supertalented people with great personalities who are all dedicated to the same common goal! What more could I ask for in a job?!?

- Sean Gibson

An experience that was especially memorable to me was the Houston Arcade Expo in 2019. I was so excited to see people play RAZA, whether it was my friends, players I knew from the pinball community or people who I met for the first time. As RAZA was being played along with the other games in the vendor area, I thought to myself that our game was joining the pinball family; I was also looking forward to analyzing the real-life data being collected from play sessions and seeing how that would affect our approach going forward.

- Steve Bowden

Being deeproot Pinball's Narrative Game Writer & Designer has been a fascinating, challenging and very rewarding experience as we seek to answer the question 'Can a pinball story make you care?' The team is passionate, devoted, creative, and like family. I am so excited about the stories and engaging player experiences the team has crafted for our awesome games, and how these titles are revolutionizing pinball for the veterans and the new generation of fans!

- Quinn Johnson

The paramount reason I came onboard deeproot Pinball was to help build a world-class game company, pushing the envelope in styling, game art and design, while innovating the underlying technology that makes play fun for everyone.

- John Popadiuk

I joined deeproot because I wanted to make sick art for pinball games and chew bubblegum. And I’m all out of bubblegum.

- Kendall Hale

I joined deeproot pinball because Robert’s vision and enthusiasm remind me of the same strengths that made companies like Apple Computers or Tesla Motors so cutting-edge and successful. ‘Quality is Number One and The Sky is the Limit’.

- Jon Norris

I am most proud of being involved with deeproot Pinball because deeproot is willing to push the envelope with cutting edge, cinematic visuals and amazing art. There's no other place that would give us the resources and mandate to make pinball look like a feature film!

- Adam Sidwell (deeproot Partner)

I joined deeproot Pinball for the opportunity to focus on what I enjoy - Talent Acquisition and Development.

- Michelle Lowe

It has been so much fun to work on deeproot's playfield toys! Going into it, I knew that I would love the artistic side of creating toys, but what I didn't know was how much I would love the engineering side of it as well. I'm grateful that Robert has given this oversized kid free range of a giant pinball world to make the best toys possible!

- Ryan Bird

I love to welcome new employees to the team and be a part of their new hire experience. I am so proud to work for deeproot Pinball because it allows me to be passionate about the culture and the business while remaining positive and approachable to the employees. deeproot inspires us all to be the best that we can be. It is such an amazing company to work for.

- Stephanie Lee (HR Specialist)

I love being part of the deeproot Studios team. There is no shortage of imagination and creativity at deeproot. We are smart creatives who build vast worlds, unique characters, and terrifying monsters. We are generalists and specialists - technical and common - creative and ordinary - hobbyists and professionals - with purpose to show the world deeproot Pinball!

- Jonny Rigby

It has been a dream making awesome animations with our amazing art team for such an iconic medium. I can't wait to share what else we've been cooking up! I hope we can join the pinball community in showing everyone else the value of this tangible entertainment in an ever-growing digital world.

- Jarom Neumann

I ended up meeting Robert and we really hit it off. He wanted to take pinball in all kinds of new directions--inventions and the kind of thinking that really appealed to a veteran game developer like me. Even though I'm still not a very good pinball player, I know enough to appreciate the amazing rock star talent Robert has assembled and be amazed by the inventive mechanical engineering in development. It's an honor and pleasure to create art packages and illustrate the gameplay and stories worthy of all the effort already put into these pinball machines.

- Matthew Armstrong

I joined deeproot for the opportunity to work on a project that brings joy to people, not just a product that fills a need. What I found when I got here was an amazing team of people that are passionate about bringing this dream to reality. I'm proud to be part of a team like this and am excited to contribute to it. In a world of digital connection, I'm happy to work on a project that creates human interaction through players and spectators.

- Bryce Sills

I am most proud of being involved with the cabinet and backbox designs. The basic shape of pinball cabinets has been the same for decades; we have some really cool new designs that look amazing. One of the most memorable experiences I have had was the first time I tested a game with some of the parts I had been working on. Being able to see the whole picture of how the entire game went together, I finally had this eureka moment where I realized that my job was literally fun and games.

- Gabe Hernandez

Not only am I excited to work on a product I can enjoy with my family, but also by the challenges of creating the 'magic' and solving the 'impossible' in pinball! I believe we can continue to deliver a better product bringing better value to everyone. I'm proud of how much we have done and how much more we plan to do!

- Craig Rushforth