September 21, 2020.

deeproot Pinball has spent years redesigning the pinball machine from the ground up with countless novel approaches. On this past Saturday, we had hoped to host a launch event with six well known pinball personalities. Due to technical issues and lots of feedback from our Guests, it ended up being more of a beta event. We are grateful and thankful to Lauren, Cary, Colin, Jeff, Chris, and Krystle for their invaluable feedback and involvement in refining our platform to be the best it can be.

The result is the realization that we are not as ready for launch as we had hoped. We are already working hard to fix the technical issues and implement our guests’ feedback.

So the only right decision today is to postpone the public release of our platform and our first game RAZA. We hope that you agree that releasing a well-engineered and fun-to-play RAZA is in everyone’s best interest!

We hope to update you during this process. We remain deeply committed to delivering the highest quality of gameplay and innovation to our players. We thank you for your continued trust and patience.

-- The Team at deeproot Pinball

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